Grafton, WI – the former Family Enrichment Center building located at 885 Badger Cirlce, Grafton WI sold this week to Kapco Metal Stamping.

The building was built in 1999 by an anonymous family. It was originally named by the United Way of Greater Milwaukee as the United Way Family Enrichment Center. The building was built to be a mainstay of the Ozaukee County as a campus of support for the nonprofit agencies of the community.  Previously these agencies were forced to work out of churches, basements, or home offices; the new space afforded these nonprofits an opportunity to have a professional environment to welcome and greet clients for service from the surrounding Ozaukee County community.

In 2005, the Badger Circle building was officially donated by the same generous and anonymous family to the Ozaukee Nonprofit Center, previously known as the Family Enrichment Center a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  Since the building’s inception, the number and scope of agencies that make the center their home has grown significantly. The impact of the center has deepened and the Ozaukee Nonprofit Center’s community impact has grown.

In 2020, the Ozaukee Nonprofit Center made the announcement that they would be moving locations to 2360 Dakota Drive, Grafton WI. As the third move in the organization’s history, the new space offers increased room for additional nonprofit partners, increased space for inter-agency collaboration, and increased space to create an event center as an additional source of revenue for the center. The event center named the ON Center will be available to the public and nonprofit community for large events for up to 175.

“We are excited to have our new location and building, but it was a bittersweet moment to say goodbye to such an important location in our history,” says Carissa Barnes, Executive Director of the Ozaukee Nonprofit Center. The 885 Badger Cirlce location officially sold on May 24th and marks the end of the location’s use as a nonprofit community center.

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